00331.jpgRunning for State House (SC) – District 69, Democratic

“What we are not experiencing here in SC is the strength of diversity and how important it is for our communities to hear from all perspectives. Leadership Matters! I believe in the democratic party because we have always been great at bringing the relevance of pass into the future, continually moving forward.”

Bob Vanlue is disappointed with the lack of leadership and failure in accountability in state government.  The people in South Carolina have been repeatedly put at risk by the failures of state government.  Personal information has being stolen, and over 250 candidates have loss their chance to run for elected office because of laws created favoring incumbents. Those are men and women push aside by the mishandling of state government. We are now in the middle of the highest foreclosure rate of 40 years.  Our children are being more and more endangered due to mismanagement at the Department of Social Services. An untold amount of our hard-working middle-class have loss 30% or more of their 401(K) plans. Leadership Matters!

Bob Vanlue is ready to bring common sense leadership and real accountability to the State House.  So vote for Robert Louis Vanlue for State House 69. Thank You!!!